Sunday, 4 July 2010

First post

I know this blog is supposed to be about my running exploits, but at this moment in time I am recovering from an injury after a fall last Saturday while out running on the local moors.
This is how I recorded it on my Fetch Everyone blog!

As my longest run to date was 13.13 miles I thought yesterday would be the day to try and extend that.
So starting from a car park near Grinton Lodge, I made my way slowly upwards to John Mosse's Chair on Grinton moor and then on to High Harker Hill. Now on a well defined gravel track which was used by the lead miners many years ago I followed it across Whitaside moor and then headed towards Dents Houses. Somewhere around the Apedale Head area, I must have kicked a small stone of some sorts, stumbled and fell onto my right side and slid down the track. Plenty of gravel rash to leg, elbow and shoulder, but the worst thing to happen was that my elbow got tucked in under my ribs and knocked the wind out of me for a while.
Five minutes later after dusting myself down and getting my breath back I was off again but it soon became apparent that there was a problem with the ribs as running was a lot more uncomfortable than walking. Thinking about what to do was playing on my mind. Should I start walking back to the car or should I carry on and try and do what I set out to do. So putting up with the discomfort I decided to carry on.
Another mile saw me at Dents Houses and a short break for drinks and a re-think. Deciding to run on through the pain I then headed for Cobster Mill (an old lead mining area situated north east of Redmire quary) and the headed back over the moor towards Grinton. After loosing the trail for a while I had to make my way over rough ground including knee high heather which is a bit of a novelty when wearing shorts.
Eventually I came across a track that lead to Grinton Smelting Mill (another old lead mining area) and made my way to the main Reeth to Leyburn road. Now it was just a matter of running another ½ mile or so down hill and back to the car. On approaching Grinton Lodge, I don't know what happened but the next thing I new I was sliding down the road on the same side as my earlier fall. This was more embarrassing as there was a car following me down the road so I just got up again started running and waved at the occupants to let them know I was ok. (Accident prone or what).
The icing on the cake was that I managed 14.14 miles. A mile more than I had ever done before.
The rest of the day I was walking around in agony telling myself that I had probably just bruised my ribs. Then waking up this morning, I couldn't get out of bed and it took a good ½ hour to finally find a position where I was able to stand up.
A trip to Northallerton A&E and an x-ray later confirmed nothing wrong and that it was probably just bruising. As I write this blog I am still in agony when I try to stand up from the chair.

This story just goes to show how dangerous it can be while running in the wilderness as there was a lot of times when there was no phone signal and that fall could have been a lot worse had I broken a leg or even broke my ribs and not been able to get out of there.
Will I do it again on my own? Yes, of course I will. I love my own company too much and that's why I run the trails and not the streets.

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  1. A very enjoyable read and glad you decided to start blogging. Trails are the only way to go for me too, love not knowing where you will turn next, also know about the falls. Get better soon Kev.