Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Paras 10

After completing The Great Shunner Challenge I am now in training for Paras 10.
This is a challenge set up by the Parachute Regiment and is run on the 10 mile P company cross country route at Catterick.
The challenge is to run the distance within 3 hours wearing army boots and 35lb bergen. (Para candidates only get 1hr 50 min to complete the same distance or fail the test). This weight excludes the food and water that I will be carrying. The bergen will be weighed before and after the race by race officials.
I went out yesterday wearing boots and full bergen and did some hill training covering 3.55 miles in 50 minutes. I found that the best way to tackle this challenge is to walk up the hills and jog on the flat and down the hill sections. I may be able to run a little faster by the 12th of September when this event takes place but I think running too fast down hill with this much weight could turn into a disaster.
I managed to find a pair of Sidas 3D insoles for my boots. (Not cheap). These have a gel heel pad and built up arch area for extra support. They work well when running and the support is excellent on rough terrain.
All I have to do now is get as much hill training in between now and September, hopefully putting longer mileages in at the weekends out on the local moors.

Watch this blog for more updates on my training regime.

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