Monday, 30 August 2010

Spofforth 10k trail race

Spofforth was my first ever 10k race and what a day that was.
I was very nervous this morning and not sure whether I wanted to go through with it but then thought what the hell I have nothing better to do.
Got to Spofforth about 12 noon and went strait to the village hall to get my number and then had a cup of coffee from the other side of the hall. It was great that I had some company today as Mrs T came along as did my son Sam, his wife Emma and the two Grandchildren, Mya and Macenzie.
We wandered around the Gala while waiting for the race to start at 1:30 and for me that couldn't have come round soon enough.
Once we were called to the start all the nerves disappeared and I was now focused on getting round and getting it over with.
After the hooter went we ran up a small gradient before levelling out and leaving the tarmac for run on a combination of farm tracks, fields and short sections of tarmac.
I was going at a faster pace than expected and at one stage I was running up hill at an Avg of 6.8 mph and thought that I might burn out before getting back to the finish.
As the kilometres past by my pace was starting to slow and at one stage it was down to Avg 6.2 mph. That was still ok as I was sure it would still get me a 1 hr finish. There was more hills than I had expected but nothing too challenging so I was surprised when I realised that I was going to run this all the way and not have to walk any of it.
The last couple of kilometres saw a large improvement in pace as I could now here the PA system somewhere in the distance and that was rather encouraging to say the least. I was now even catching
a group of runners in the distance and with one last push on entering the village I managed to catch one up and we were having a chat as we approached the field. As the finish line was on the top of a short incline we both decided to give the crowd something to shout about and we both made a sprint
for the line with him just pipping me at the post but it just to goes to show that when you think you have nothing left, you can always pull something out of the bag.
With that last push giving me an Avg 6.3 mph I was able to come in in 1:00:22 and the last sprint to the finish was run at a 4.41 min/mile.

The day itself couldn't have been better, with a cloudy sky but no rain which meant a good turn out for the Gala itself and I must say that I am already looking forward to next years event so that I can try and get my time down to under an hour.

Anyone new to running that is reading this report just take into account that I only started running in February this year and I have managed a ½ marathon in 2hrs 40min and now a 10k in 1hr and at the
age of 57 there is still hope for everyone out there.
The reason I started running in the first place was to get fit and not to compete in any way but I just seem to have caught up in it all and things have escalated beyond what I set out to do.
That is not a bad thing though as I have got fitter and lost some weight at the same time.

If your not a runner, then why not?
Believe me it will change your life for ever. Go get a decent pair of running shoes and give it a go.



  1. Tremendous result, be proud mate. You kicked A**.

  2. Thanks for that Malcolm.
    Thought I might have been knackered by the time I got home but I'm feeling ok.
    Maybe it's because I'm still on a high and I have not yet come down from the clouds.
    I know now that anything is possible in this game and I won't be so negative when it comes to entering future races.