Friday, 22 October 2010

28.68 mile road run

Planned a 28 mile run yesterday and set out this morning to see if I could see it through.
The first half was good but when I got to Croft things started to slow down and I had to take on a run/walk strategy but as the run went on it became more of a walk/run effort.
It was planned with plenty of escape routes so that I could come home early if things got bad but these weren't needed. Things started getting tough after Stapleton and this is when the climbing started so more and more walking needed to be done.
Up through Middleton Tyas and onto Scotch Corner where there was a friend of mine waiting for me to see if I wanted a lift. 24 miles gone and there was no way that I was going to get a lift now so it was a matter of thanks but no thanks.
By now the wind was getting up and my hands haven't been that cold for a long time but by the time I got back to Richmond my body core temperature was starting to drop and I couldn't wait to get back home to get into a hot bath. First of all, I had to get up stairs which was a struggle as by now I was aching from toe to waist. Now I am sitting here moving from time to time just to get into a more comfortable position and it looks like a few days off now to recover.

All in all, a great day as I now know I can push on when the going gets tough but I must admit I was feeling rather low by the time I got home and a few lessons have been learned.
Maybe I should not have gone off too fast at the start and maybe I should have eaten more on route but after some time on my feet I find that I loose my appetite and then things start going downhill.
In the future I think I will go back to shorter distances of say 15 miles and then start extending them
every month or so.

The details of Today’s run are as follows;

28.68 mi
Elevation Gain:
1,694 ft
3,669 C

Moving Time:
Elapsed Time:

Avg Pace:
13:11 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:
12:58 min/mi
Best Pace:
07:53 min/mi

Checking the time at the 26.2 mile marathon distance it was 5hrs 29min.
Not a fast time by all means but as this was the first time I have gone this distance, it gives me something to work on in the future.

A map of the route can be found on my daily mile page here;

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  1. This is an AMAZING run! My life goal is to run a marathon, but I've only done a half so far...

    Wear gloves next time! I know that past October I don't even leave the house without them.

    Wow... your run just blew my mind today :)