Friday, 15 October 2010

Barefoot running

I'm back. After a couple of injuries, work commitments and a trip to London last weekend, I am now back into full swing with an 11.75 mile run today.
This was a road run with a difference as 2 miles were run barefoot across the moor road between Downholme and Hudswell. Why I can hear you say? It all started after reading a book called Born to Run about the Tarahumara Indians who live in the Copper Canyons in Mexico. I decided I had to try it just once and thought that I would run at least 200 yards before giving up if I didn't like it. Well, 2 miles later it was time to put me shoes back on before coming back into civilisation at Hudswell. (Just imagine peoples faces when they see someone running down the street with his trainers on his hands. “White coats and padded cells come to mind”). All I can say is was weird but exciting at the same time and I might do it again sometime but with the onset of a North England winter just around the corner it may not happen again until next year.
Anyway, lets get back to the run itself which was done in a time of 1hr: 48min with an average moving pace of 9.55 mi/mile with an elavation gain of 1,252ft. Total calories burned were: 1,520.
All in all, a great run and nice to be back.


  1. Kevin, you might want to check out the Barefoot Running Society ( It is an online community with members all over the place. I think you would find a bunch of nice people that love to run, both barefoot and with minimal footwear. They can also help with why your calves will be "somewhat tender" tomorrow. Cheers and good running! :)

  2. I also read Born to Run and found it interesting. I used to run barefoot in the past 2 months, but the experience was awful. I got a lot of blisters on my foot and my calves were so painful too. Alternatively, I bought a pair of barefoot shoes such as Vibram Five Fingers. What I like about is that it emulates the feeling of running barefoot and it's also very light and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend you get one, too. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can visit this site here.

    Good luck with your barefoot running.

  3. Mike/Cynthia, thanks for the comments and links.

    Cynthia, I think the calf problem might have developed due to the blisters and having to run differently to get comfortable. I use surgical spirit on my feet and over time I am hoping the skin will toughen up.