Saturday, 30 October 2010

Richmond hill run

I have been meaning to run from the lowest point in Richmond to the highest point for some time to see how far it is and what elevation would be gained.
As it was a nice morning (sunny but cool) I decided today was going to be the day so after a few warm up exercises I ran a short warm up run down to the river Swale and from the caravan park it was strait into the first short climb out of the river car park to Reeth Rd. another short run to Green Lane, then into one of the longest climbs of the run along Green Lane. This turned out to be easier than I was expecting and I managed to go all the way at a gentle pace. Once at the top it was a short tarmac run along Westfields before once again hitting the trail and heading upwards again to Hurgill Rd. after another short run I then turned onto Aislabeck Plantation which is now an eco friendly holiday park. The hill here was the steepest on the run but not as long as Green Lane and I managed again to get to the top without walking. A short run along. After another short run along Hurgill Rd it was then onto the old race course and the highest point was just above the grandstand.

So from the lowest point at 374ft above sea level to the highest point at 883ft above sea level the distance was 1.73 miles from bottom to top. So after another 1.43miles downhill run back to the start it was all over and glad that I managed to run the whole uphill section without a walking break.
I must admit it was a struggle at times but I am now getting used to struggling and that is more win in the bag for "Kev against the hills".


  1. Sounds like a good run! Pretty cool that you have hills.. my city has ONE hill haha

  2. Try running up and down that hill as many times as you can Suzana. Use the down hill sections as a recovery period and when you think you can't do any more up hills, then do one more.
    "It really does work".