Monday, 1 November 2010

6.15 mile trail/road run

Another hilly run with 800ft of elevation gain along trail/roads around West-Fields, Green Ln, then following the River Swale to the bailey bridge and back home via Easby abbey and Lombards Wynd. (Lombards got the better of me again). Then a nice easy flat and down hill road section back to the finish. (Time; 01:07. Pace;10:53 min/mile).
Felt great afterwards and could have done a lot more but must get some dinner and then get ready for work. Hoping to go cycle the 4.5 miles to work. and then cycle home in the dark at half past midnight. There's something that floats my boat when cycling or running at that time of night. Maybe the stillness of the night and the fact that you can hear more of the natural sounds and not cars screaming past all the time.


  1. I like exercising in the morning, as the sky lights up - you get the stillness as during the night, but I can see things :)

  2. Lovely ride home tonight. Only saw three cars and one ambulance and a nice mild night after the wind and rain had died down.