Sunday, 21 November 2010

No time to run

Been catching up on jobs around the house and garden and also doing some amateur conservation work on some land that I have been given permission to use by the company I work for. I have a few bird boxes out there and I have been building some wood piles among the trees.
This in turn has taken its toll on my running program and with the cold, wet weather now taking over it is so easy to look for excuses to stay at home.
I must kick my own backside and get out after work this week before I start loosing interest completely.
I have also just seen the weather forecast for next week. Wind coming in from Scandanavia and making things even colder with temperatures down to below minus. It is definetly going to be hard work getting out to run in the dark and cold and probably wet aswell.

Google view of my land can be seen here,-1.654027&spn=0.001624,0.005284&t=h&z=18

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