Sunday, 19 December 2010

Running for Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team

On August 12th 2011 I will be running non stop in the Grimsthorpe 70 which is a 70 mile race around the estate of Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire in aid of The Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team.

SMRT is a registered charity (Charity Commission No. 501885). Like other mountain and cave rescue teams in the UK receives no funding from central Government. The team is run entirely by volunteers and has no paid members of staff.

 The everyday funding of SMRT is by donations from the public. It costs about £24,000 per year to maintain the service that SMRT provides. This money comes from a variety of sources: collecting boxes throughout the area, kind donations from various groups, individuals or organisations, street collections; and fund raising events such as there winter slide shows
The money raised is used to pay for insurance, maintenance and running of there two emergency vehicles, operating and up keep of there base, and the replacement of rescue and medical equipment (all of which has a finite life span or can suffer damage through wear and tear). 

Saturday, 18 December 2010

8.11 mile run Richmond - Catterick Garrison circular

This is the same route as the last two outings but with another mile added by going from Camp centre to White shops and then Hipswell. 
Set out this afternoon with sunshine and an outside temperature of -5 and with new Ron Hill gloves I was a bit concerned about these keeping my hands warm as the are so thin but when I returned home the gloves had frost on the outside but my hands were still toasty. (Hats off to Ron Hill). More than can say for my drinks bottle because I tried getting my first drink out of it as I was coming back into Richmond and the Lucazade sport was frozen to a slush making it hard to drink through one of them pull out drinks tops. 
I was only wearing a thin base layer and Montane featherlite jacket but was still sweating. (So crazy considering the temperature). 
Strait into a hot bath when I got home and now to get stuck into a few beers and some telly.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Grimsthorpe 70

Just entered the Grimsthorpe 70 in August.
Really looking forward to the training and preparation.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Expensive trainers v cheap plimsolls

Legs were aching a bit this morning so didn't really want to run but forced myself to go as I have an earlier start at work tomorrow and also working Friday this week so might not be able to get out now until the weekend.

As the weather isn't too bad today I thought I would try a bit of minimalist running. So wearing a pair of plimsolls I bought from Primark for £5, off I went.
The whole run felt different but easier. Though I could feel every little stone and twig underfoot there was never any discomfort. The hills seamed easier to climb and taking the exact same route as yesterday (7.05 mile road run) I managed a time of 1:11:02. (Yesterday's time was 1:14:46) so I'm quite impressed with the result.
Not sure if I could run a marathon in them but £80 trainers verses £5 plimsolls is food for thought.

Why not give it a try and let me know what you think.

Note to self; must order a pair of Lunar sandals for next summer from Barefoot Ted Mcdonald

And yes, I did find my lost glove near the camp centre roundabout. “Santa, you can still bring a pair of new ones though”.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Plenty of hills, mud, snow & freezing water

Great technical run with plenty mud and water to slide around on. Glad I took my trekking poles as there was some deep snow on the higher ground and also in beacon plantation. The poles also helped me up the many muddy slopes on this route.
Going down through the plantation, the track was covered in deep snow and when I thought I was putting my foot down on the snow there was many an occasion when I went strait through into the water below. (Feet are still freezing now).
The route itself took me through Westfields, Whitcliffe Wood, Applegarth, then on to the high ground along Whitcliffe Scar to Willances leap then through Beacon Plantation before crossing some fields and returning via the racecourse and back down through Westfields.

For those who like reading about the history of this area follow this link. to Willances Leap.

The full route can be seen here

Saturday, 11 December 2010

5 mile trail/road following the river Swale

Easier day today as there wasn't so much hill work involved.
Followed the river Swale from Round How to the bailey bridge that used to carry the railway line over the Swale and then returned via Easby abbey and Lombards Wynd.
Wet and muddy in places with packed ice in the shaded area of the woodland trails made it a bit slow going at times.
Even managed to get my jacket off for the return leg. (No where near as cold as last week).

Friday, 10 December 2010

5.48 mile run around Richmond

I'm back.
5.48 mile run through Westfields then up onto the race course before dropping down through the industrial estate then a tour of Richmond before dropping down to the river and home via Jail Bank and Reeth Road.
It was hard work considering I haven't had a decent run since 5th of November.
I got on the scales the other day and got a very big shock so decided it was time to fight back.
Wearing a Reebok running vest as a base layer, Mountain Warehouse long sleeved top and a Montane Featherlite jacket, I felt over dressed when I got back off the high ground and started sweating as I ran around Richmond and the last climb up Jail Bank really opened up the sweat glands.
I wasn't sure what to wear on my feet so I tried an old pair of Karrimor's which I wear for everyday use. Though they did keep my feet dry they weren't much good on grip as the soles are well worn down but I don't think the Adidas Kanadia would have kept the snow and water out for very long.
Westfields has a lot of springs in it and these are starting to break out all over and with slush hidden under the snow it made it very slippery under foot.
Now I'm back home, had a shower, got some warm clothes on and the only problem I have is getting my feet warm again but if that's the only problem I get from a good run like that then it was well worth it.

To see the full details and map of the run follow this Link