Friday, 10 December 2010

5.48 mile run around Richmond

I'm back.
5.48 mile run through Westfields then up onto the race course before dropping down through the industrial estate then a tour of Richmond before dropping down to the river and home via Jail Bank and Reeth Road.
It was hard work considering I haven't had a decent run since 5th of November.
I got on the scales the other day and got a very big shock so decided it was time to fight back.
Wearing a Reebok running vest as a base layer, Mountain Warehouse long sleeved top and a Montane Featherlite jacket, I felt over dressed when I got back off the high ground and started sweating as I ran around Richmond and the last climb up Jail Bank really opened up the sweat glands.
I wasn't sure what to wear on my feet so I tried an old pair of Karrimor's which I wear for everyday use. Though they did keep my feet dry they weren't much good on grip as the soles are well worn down but I don't think the Adidas Kanadia would have kept the snow and water out for very long.
Westfields has a lot of springs in it and these are starting to break out all over and with slush hidden under the snow it made it very slippery under foot.
Now I'm back home, had a shower, got some warm clothes on and the only problem I have is getting my feet warm again but if that's the only problem I get from a good run like that then it was well worth it.

To see the full details and map of the run follow this Link

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