Saturday, 18 December 2010

8.11 mile run Richmond - Catterick Garrison circular

This is the same route as the last two outings but with another mile added by going from Camp centre to White shops and then Hipswell. 
Set out this afternoon with sunshine and an outside temperature of -5 and with new Ron Hill gloves I was a bit concerned about these keeping my hands warm as the are so thin but when I returned home the gloves had frost on the outside but my hands were still toasty. (Hats off to Ron Hill). More than can say for my drinks bottle because I tried getting my first drink out of it as I was coming back into Richmond and the Lucazade sport was frozen to a slush making it hard to drink through one of them pull out drinks tops. 
I was only wearing a thin base layer and Montane featherlite jacket but was still sweating. (So crazy considering the temperature). 
Strait into a hot bath when I got home and now to get stuck into a few beers and some telly.

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