Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Expensive trainers v cheap plimsolls

Legs were aching a bit this morning so didn't really want to run but forced myself to go as I have an earlier start at work tomorrow and also working Friday this week so might not be able to get out now until the weekend.

As the weather isn't too bad today I thought I would try a bit of minimalist running. So wearing a pair of plimsolls I bought from Primark for £5, off I went.
The whole run felt different but easier. Though I could feel every little stone and twig underfoot there was never any discomfort. The hills seamed easier to climb and taking the exact same route as yesterday (7.05 mile road run) I managed a time of 1:11:02. (Yesterday's time was 1:14:46) so I'm quite impressed with the result.
Not sure if I could run a marathon in them but £80 trainers verses £5 plimsolls is food for thought.

Why not give it a try and let me know what you think.

Note to self; must order a pair of Lunar sandals for next summer from Barefoot Ted Mcdonald

And yes, I did find my lost glove near the camp centre roundabout. “Santa, you can still bring a pair of new ones though”.

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  1. I love running the same course regularly - you can literally see improvements! :)
    I'm glad you got out there, sounds like a good run.