Monday, 13 December 2010

Plenty of hills, mud, snow & freezing water

Great technical run with plenty mud and water to slide around on. Glad I took my trekking poles as there was some deep snow on the higher ground and also in beacon plantation. The poles also helped me up the many muddy slopes on this route.
Going down through the plantation, the track was covered in deep snow and when I thought I was putting my foot down on the snow there was many an occasion when I went strait through into the water below. (Feet are still freezing now).
The route itself took me through Westfields, Whitcliffe Wood, Applegarth, then on to the high ground along Whitcliffe Scar to Willances leap then through Beacon Plantation before crossing some fields and returning via the racecourse and back down through Westfields.

For those who like reading about the history of this area follow this link. to Willances Leap.

The full route can be seen here

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