Sunday, 30 January 2011

Weekly update

After injuring my left leg while running last Saturday I decided to take it easy last week so took a couple of bike rides to work Tuesday and Wednesday. All felt great but I didn't want to push my look so had Thursday off and then decided to have an induction down at the gym.
That took 70 minutes of running, riding, stepping, climbing, rowing and plenty of sweat. I came out of that ok so then decided to hit the trails over the weekend. 7.71 miles yesterday and 7.75 miles today.

Check out my Garmin page if you want to see these runs in more detail.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

8 miles Richmond/Catterick circular

Just checked the times on the last three runs over this 8 mile route.

1st run on December 18th. Time:- 01:30:37
2nd run on January 16th. Time:- 01:23:37
This morning. Time:- 01:23:37

This morning was a minimalist run wearing £5 Plimsolls. Felt Really comfortable with no problem other than a slight aching in the back of my left leg after the run but starting to wear off now. (Think I just found muscles I didn't know I had),)
During the run I thought I was going a lot faster than last time but on uploading the data and comparing times over the same route I find it was exactly the same as last week (to the second) when I was wearing my expensive Asics.

This was also my longest run yet with minimalist footwear and I can't find a reason why I shouldn't push it further.

Check here to see comparisons.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

8 miles Richmond/Catterick circular

Weather was quite mild today with a slight wind and occasional drizzle. 
There is a few small hills on this route to make it interesting.
Great run before dinner.

Distance:8.08 mi
Elevation Gain:639 ft

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Friday, 14 January 2011

One year on

Well, it's been nearly a year since I started running seriously and thought I would just write an update to what has happened over the last 12 months and what is lined up for the future.
I only started running to get fit but one thing led to another and I ended up getting drawn into one event after another. The first event I registered for was the Paras 10 which was to be run in September. I then entered the Redcar ½ marathon in June as a training run and then decided to opt for a couple of 10ks just for the hell of it and also to get used to running in competition with other people.
Looking back to when I first started I couldn't even run ½ a mile without stopping or walking to get my breath back. Now I can run mile after mile and even run up some of the medium sized hills that we have in this part of the Yorkshire Dales. (Hopefully, this time next year I will be running up some of the more technical ones.)
Just goes to show, it doesn't matter how old you are, there is nothing stopping you from getting off the sofa, putting on a pair of running shoes, leaving the telly behind and getting out there and burning some calories. Not only will you lose weight but you will also feel a lot better for it. So start now but do it a bit at a time.

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"

So what have I got lined up for the following year?
I have already booked my place in the Grimsthorpe ultra 70 on the 12th of August and I am hoping to run a few local long distance races leading up to the event.
Maybe something like the Wensleydale Wander. I walked this one last year and it takes in some of the great scenery you would expect in this part of the Yorkshire Dales. An easy 22 mile route with one major climb about 1/3rd of the way round. And then there is Osmotherly phoenix. 17/26 or 33 miles around the North York Moors. This is just over a month before Grimsthorpe so not sure whether it is a good idea to do the 33 miler.
Then there are some excellent local long distance footpaths to look at, such as the 38 mile 6 dales trail.
With or without these events I still need to start running longer and longer mileages but with my 80 year old mother in hospital with a broken hip I am finding it hard to fit the time in. that's one reason why I have started running to work, (just to get the weekly miles in and hopefully get at least one long run in on a weekend.)

So that's it then. Let's all find that little extra time, get our running shoes on, and get out there and run our hearts out”

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Run to work (The long way round)

Richmond to Brompton on Swale via, Holly Hill, Sandbeck, Plumer Rd, Sports stadium, Camp centre, Colburn, Catterick Bridge.
Plenty of time on my hands today but set out too early as I got to work an hour too soon. (Make a mental note of that one).
Still it gave me plenty of time to relax and drink a couple of cups of tea before starting work. There is also scope to make this run even longer, so I could still start early, put in the extra miles and still get to work on time.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2.33 mile speed walk

As I will be incorporating some walking into my ultra training, I thought I would have an easy session today and try some speed walking. 
Found muscles in the backs of my legs I didn't know existed. 
All in all, a great exercise and should be included more often in my longer runs. 
(Maybe run 30 minutes/walk 10)!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Great North Run

Daily Mirror ballot now open for the Great North Run.
Got my application in so fingers crossed!

Monday, 3 January 2011

10.73 mile road run. Downholme/Hudswell/Richmond

Legs still aching after three days now but need to keep running. Maybe a couple of short runs for a couple of days. Hopefully a longer run on Friday.

First part of today's run was easy for 4.50 miles then strait into a long climb up through Downholme to Hudswell then a lovely 3 ½ mile run to Richmond with the last climb into Richmond finally reducing me to a walking pace.

Legs aching that much when I got home that walking down stairs after getting changed was a matter of coming down sideways.
Getting over a it now but I can't understand why this aching should come back with a vengeance. It feels the same as when I first started running last year.

View the route on my Garmin page  

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Around Richmond

Legs were aching this morning after yesterdays run so really had to grab my collar and pull myself out the door. 
Glad I did and ran around the outskirts of Richmond using the main roads and back streets. 
A lot of hills involved and the leg ache wasn't a problem until it was time to run down hill and then the shock of the feet hitting the ground went strait to the problem areas. 
All in all, another great run.

Click on Garmin to see the route and data

Saturday, 1 January 2011

11.37 mile circular road run

First run in the bag for the new year.
There was a couple of places on the garrison where I felt like taking a short cut home but managed to keep going and complete the run I had in mind.
I went out at a blistering pace for the first part as I wanted to know if my time had improved for the distance it takes to get to work. I managed the 4.26 miles in 39:02 (Avg pace 09:09 min mile).
Looks like running could be the new form of transportation to work this year. (hopefully).

the second leg was a bit of a tough one as this was a slower long gradual incline all the way through Colburn and Catterick and after a quick stop at the sports centre to take some fuel on board the last leg took me along Plumer Rd and once past Bourlon Barracks the road levelled out and I was travelling at a pace I never thought possible after 9 miles but the hill Sandbeck to Holly Hill and Jail Bank took there toll and I was reduced to walking pace. After reaching the top of Jail Bank, it then just a case of an easy run down Reeth Rd and back to the finish.

All in all, a good run and a good start to the new year but I must now concentrate on extending the mileage and not to worry too much about the speed as this will be of no importance at the Grimsthorpe 70. (Just looking at getting round).

Click on Garmin to see the full data.