Saturday, 1 January 2011

11.37 mile circular road run

First run in the bag for the new year.
There was a couple of places on the garrison where I felt like taking a short cut home but managed to keep going and complete the run I had in mind.
I went out at a blistering pace for the first part as I wanted to know if my time had improved for the distance it takes to get to work. I managed the 4.26 miles in 39:02 (Avg pace 09:09 min mile).
Looks like running could be the new form of transportation to work this year. (hopefully).

the second leg was a bit of a tough one as this was a slower long gradual incline all the way through Colburn and Catterick and after a quick stop at the sports centre to take some fuel on board the last leg took me along Plumer Rd and once past Bourlon Barracks the road levelled out and I was travelling at a pace I never thought possible after 9 miles but the hill Sandbeck to Holly Hill and Jail Bank took there toll and I was reduced to walking pace. After reaching the top of Jail Bank, it then just a case of an easy run down Reeth Rd and back to the finish.

All in all, a good run and a good start to the new year but I must now concentrate on extending the mileage and not to worry too much about the speed as this will be of no importance at the Grimsthorpe 70. (Just looking at getting round).

Click on Garmin to see the full data.

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