Saturday, 22 January 2011

8 miles Richmond/Catterick circular

Just checked the times on the last three runs over this 8 mile route.

1st run on December 18th. Time:- 01:30:37
2nd run on January 16th. Time:- 01:23:37
This morning. Time:- 01:23:37

This morning was a minimalist run wearing £5 Plimsolls. Felt Really comfortable with no problem other than a slight aching in the back of my left leg after the run but starting to wear off now. (Think I just found muscles I didn't know I had),)
During the run I thought I was going a lot faster than last time but on uploading the data and comparing times over the same route I find it was exactly the same as last week (to the second) when I was wearing my expensive Asics.

This was also my longest run yet with minimalist footwear and I can't find a reason why I shouldn't push it further.

Check here to see comparisons.

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