Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Run to work (The long way round)

Richmond to Brompton on Swale via, Holly Hill, Sandbeck, Plumer Rd, Sports stadium, Camp centre, Colburn, Catterick Bridge.
Plenty of time on my hands today but set out too early as I got to work an hour too soon. (Make a mental note of that one).
Still it gave me plenty of time to relax and drink a couple of cups of tea before starting work. There is also scope to make this run even longer, so I could still start early, put in the extra miles and still get to work on time.


  1. Better early than late! Did you shower at your work? I've heard of runners that use those wet-wipes since their work places don't have showers ;)

  2. Good stuff Kevin, sounds like you are back in your rhythm. What's the distance to work?

  3. Suzana:- Yes we do have showers at work as it is a hot and dusty environment.

    Malcolm:- The distance was a little over 7 miles and the direct route is 4.3 miles so it pays to start a little earlier and get the extra miles in.

    Mother in hospital again with a broken hip this time so finding it hard to get long weekend runs in which I should be doing at this stage of the ultra training program.