Friday, 11 February 2011

14 ½ miles with plenty of mud, water & even a few swear words

Dropped the car off at the garage this morning to get new brake pads fitted so thought I'd put a fairly long run in while waiting to get the car back. After leaving the garage I jogged the one mile downhill route back home as a warm up before the run.

Right, now the run!

The first section through Westfields was really wet and horrible as there are springs running out of the ground all over the place. Wet and boggy seemed to be the flavour of the day and got home with wet feet and the clothes I was wearing went strait in the washer.
After Westfields, it was a muddy run through Whitcliffe Wood before entering Applegarth and followed a nice easy trail through the fields to Clapgate Bank.
Because of the slow progress up until now, I decided this run was going to be a slow but longer than usual run so tried to keep the pace around 5mph and walked most of the uphill sections, so hitting the road at Clapgate Bank it was a 1 ½ mile climb to the top of the hill before turning into beacon plantation and back onto the trail.
Now it got even more muddier and I had to keep jumping from one side of the trail and then back again. Then down the middle and back to the side. Boy, I thought that was tough until I got out of the plantation, hit the fields where I thought it would be easier, but no, the field trails were even worse with it being low ground and all the water form the hills had gathered on the flat tracks and turned everything into a quagmire for the next 1 or so.
The only consolation I got was that the section from the start of the plantation to Gilling west was that it was a 4 mile downhill before rising up again to Richmond on a tarmac road.
Reaching the outskirts of Richmond I could have followed the road back home and called it a day but I decided to drop down through Cross Lanes to Darlington Rd, then dropping down another trail
towards Easby and then followed the river Swale back to Richmond. (More mud). Through the town and then back home for a long soak in the bath.



14.64 mi
Elevation Gain:
1,653 ft
1,772 C

To see the route and more detail. Visit my Garmin page.

Now, where did I leave the car?
(Damn, 1 mile back up that blooming hill).

                                             Wet, boggy and foggy
                                I felt like a shepherd with all these followers

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  1. Cracking job Kevin. Love it mate and big thumbs up.