Friday, 18 February 2011

Around the villages (18.72 miles)

Starting to pick up the miles again (18.72). I find Friday the easiest day to get the long runs in at the moment as my wife does her shopping in the morning and goes to work in the afternoon, whereas I often get distracted on a weekend.
It's been quite a good week mileage wise as I have been getting a lift into work at 5.30 in a morning then running home after work and getting in about 6 ¾ miles per run over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then had Thursday as a rest day before today's long run.
Today's run didn't quite go to plan as I had planned a more circular route but as I got along most of the old railway line towards Brompton on Swale, I found one of the gates hat a footpath closed sign on it (must look into whether that path is legally closed or the farmer has taken it upon himself to close it), so having to double back on myself I decided to do the route in reverse and then pick up the section I have been following home from work earlier in the week.
All went to plan after that and following the road through Catterick Garrison to Scotton and from Scotton ther are a couple of nice hills before turning left and following an easy down hill section along the country roads through Tunstall to Catterick Village. I didn't realise there was so much traffic using that road these days and at times I thought it would have been safer to run along the centre reservation of the A1 dual carriageway.
Anyway, after leaving Catterick Village it was a nice easy flat run to Catterick racecourse before following the route that I have been using this week to get home from work.
My toes were feeling a bit hot towards the end and I found I had a small blister on one of them when I got home.
During the run I noticed three geese flying overhead and then later on there was a full flock flying in a V formation so hopefully they are on there way back from warmer countries and spring may be just around the corner. (Shouldn't have said that as snow is forecast for tomorrow around these parts).

Here are the main details of the run.

18.72 mi
Elevation Gain:
1,820 ft
2,501 C

Moving Time:
Elapsed Time:
Avg Pace:
Avg Moving Pace:
Best Pace:

You'll see that the total elapsed time was 03:40:15 but the actual moving time was 03:26:22. That is due to short breaks to get food/fluid out of my bum bag as I am now trying to got into the habit of eating and drinking more often so as not to burn out later on.
Still not fast but I am looking for miles rather than a fast pace so call me a plodder if you want but I want to be a constant runner, rather than a fast one.
In the end, I'm going to Grimsthorpe to beat the course, not the other runners.
Just to round the day off nicely, I got on the scales as soon as I got home and have finally started to shed the weight I have put on over the winter months. “Hooray”.

To see the route and more data, follow the link to my Garmin page.

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