Friday, 4 March 2011

Short hard hill session

Friday is supposed to be my long run day but I was short of time again due to hospital visiting times, so decided to do a short hard session.
After leaving home the route took me down Mill Bank, through the caravan park and over the river Swale before turning right and heading up river to the water works.
That was the easy bit, now to get up Hudswell steps. (All 338 of them). Well I think that's how many there was. It's hard to count that many when you are concentrating on getting to the top. These steps aren't all the same hight and some are even a couple of strides long so there is no way of getting into a routine when trying to run up them. After running about 50 of them it was time to walk, so with hands on knees up I went. There is a rail on one side for assistance but in my book that would be classed as cheating so the rail was out of the question. After reaching the top it was back down to the bottom and do it all over again.
Now time to make my way home via the woodland trail along the top of the wood which was rather muddy and precarious at times as there is a severe drop back down to the river below. Clearing the top footpath it was now a fast but slippery downhill run back to the river bridge, back through the caravan park and up Mill Bank before the short run back to the house.

MILL BANK; I can remember that only just over a year ago I was knackered by the time got from the house to the bottom and then would have to walk a little through the caravan park just to get my breath back. Now after running 3 miles and climbing 676 steps I can run up the bank with very little effort. 

“Oh how things have changed in just over one year”!

To see the full run and a map of the area, go to my Garmin page.



Elevation Gain:
703 ft
392 C

Moving Time:
Elapsed Time:
Avg Pace:
14:10 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:
12:39 min/mi
Best Pace:
06:51 min/mi

Elevation Gain:
703 ft
Elevation Loss:
725 ft
Min Elevation:
333 ft
Max Elevation:
679 ft

 The first flight of steps. Only another 328 to go. "No, I didn't use the rail"
 Narrow boggy path at the top of the woodland area. You can see the steepness of the ground falling off to the right as it makes it's way down towards the river.


  1. Nice work, using your time wisely mate. Good thinking and keep it up.

  2. Thanks Mally. Plenty of hills around here so I will be doing more hill work in the future when time is short.