Saturday, 21 May 2011

New running group & barefoot running

Well, it's been quite a couple of weeks since I last updated the blog so here goes.
Since I started upping the mileage week by week with either running or cycling to work and then fitting in a long run on a Friday along with any thing I can fit in during the rest of the weekend.
I have also joined a newly formed Reeth running group that meet every Sunday morning and run around the trails in Swaledale. Sometimes these take us on easy flat runs along the course of the River Swale and at other time they are more strenuous and go up some of the hills and fells. At the moment a few of the guys are training for the Swaledale marathon which will be run on the 11th of June. (Pity I can't be there as I have the Redcar ½ marathon on the 12th). Never mind, there's always next year. The group is organised by the guys Swaledale outdoor shop in Reeth and you can keep up to date with events on there facebook page. Why not come along and join us sometime if you are in the area. Everyone is welcome and I have never seen a more friendly group. Everyone talks to everyone and there is no clickiness like you get in some clubs. And what more, it doesn't cost you anything. It's just a case of like minded people getting together to have a great time and to learn from each other.
If you want to see what bargains they are offering in the shop then visit them at this link

On the barefoot running side I am now running in Merrell barefoot trail gloves which are very similar to Vibram five fingers but without the toe pieces so they are a little easier to run then streets in and you don't get stared or laughed at. (Those little toe pieces sticking out of the front of the shoe just do not cut it with me). The barefoot running people say you should start with short runs and slowly build up the distance but these shoes are really beginner friendly and I ran 12 miles in them last week with no serious aches or pains afterwards.
To get more insight into these shoes then follow this link to read a full and interesting review
with tomorrows run billed as a 14 miler I will be running in the trail gloves and give them there longest run to date. If that works out ok then I will think about running the Redcar ½ marathon in them as they only weigh 8oz each. (Half the weight of my normal running shoes). And you can't half tell the difference when it comes to speed and distance.

That's it for now but just remember, Redcar ½ on the 12th of June so I will be updating the blog around about then. That should be a good one as I got a time of 02:04:41 last year so I will be looking for a PB of under 2hrs. Hopefully 1:45 but that is just wishful thinking.

All the best to you all with your own personal goals and challenges in the coming months. If you are a runner, may the running gods be with you and keep you safe from injury. If you are not a runner then why not!

Friday, 6 May 2011

2 x 10 mile loops on Grinton Moor

First run in my newly acquired Skins full length compression tights. After pulling them on I wasn't sure that these tights were going to do what people were ranting on about in the reviews but at the first hill I could swear that they helped my to reach the top. Even four hours after the run there are no sign aching limbs which is very unusual for me on a run of this distance. I'm now considering investing in Skins shorts and calf socks for the summer.

The run itself on Grinton moor went to plan with a fairly fast first lap (fast for me anyway) so that I would have to work harder physically and mentally in the second. Think I need to sort my eating habits as I had a stitch for the first half of the second lap due to stopping at the car and taking on food and water. (maybe try and eat little but often while running instead.)
The weather was windy keeping the temperature around 12 Centigrade and promising to rain but that kept away. Getting back down to lower ground in Richmond it was a balmy 21 degrees.

Now just hope the aches and pains don't kick in over the weekend as I have a 8-10 mile group run at Reeth on Sunday morning.

20.04 mi
Elevation Gain:
2,580 ft
2,446 C

Moving Time:
Elapsed Time:
Avg Pace:
13:12 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:
12:57 min/mi
Best Pace:
06:59 min/mi

Elevation Gain:
2,580 ft
Elevation Loss:
2,567 ft
Min Elevation:
1,201 ft
Max Elevation:
1,838 ft

Go to my Garmin page to see the splits and more details of the run.