Sunday, 27 November 2011

Just a quick update

Well I haven't had the time to blog for a while so I thought now was the time for a quick update.

A lot has happened since the Grimsthorpe ultra and already thoughts are starting to enter my head about next years event. I now know that I can run 70 miles. (Even if it was a struggle, I did it). Now looking the next year I was wondering whether to go and get a better time for the 70 or go all the way and try for the 105. this has the same cut off time as the 70 (26 hours) but looking back, I entered the 70 with doubt I my mind as to whether I could do it with my age and lack of experience against me. I did it, and now I feel it is time to move on and go back with that same doubt about the 105. another 12 months training will have gone by and I can always look back at last years mistakes and learn from them. That includes pacing, nutrition and getting help from the sports therapists on site as soon as I get my first twinge instead of leaving it until it is too late.
“If I don't try, I will never know”.

As I said at the start, a lot has happened since then including completing Paras 10 again but this time only in trainers rather than the full outfit of boots and 35lb bergan that I did it in last year.
A week after that I ran the Great North Run and in October I managed to knock a full 5 minutes off last years time for the Richmond 10k.

I'm also getting out a lot more with both the Swaledale Runners Club two nights a week and also with the Reeth Trail Running Group on a Sunday morning.
Both these will help with my training for the Grimsthorpe ultra as there are plenty of hills in both locations and Swaledale Runners also do speed training on a Tuesday night which is hard work but well worth the effort.
I'm also doing a long run on a Friday as this is one of my days off work, Eileen is at work so I get Friday to myself. 
(Pity it doesn't always work that way with life's little problems always getting in the way).

Cross training is also going down well with mountain biking on the local trails and also out on the moors in Swaleldale. I'm also doing the odd session on the eliptical trainer but to be honest I find that a bit boring so I've added a tv to the spare room where the trainer is situated.
More training to come is floor training such as sit ups, press ups, etc, along with pull ups on the bar that is fitted to one of the doors in the house. Free weights are also in the pipeline and all these exercises should help with my core strength.

That's it for now but I will try and update more often. (Hopefully on a weekly basis).

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