Friday, 6 January 2012

18 mile road run

Today's run was the longest for a long time and needed doing to kick start the training plan for this year.
On leaving home it was nice and sunny and a far cry from what we have been experiencing in the north of England all week with the high winds and rain but by the time I got to the other side of Catterick the sun had disappeared , the clouds came over and the air cooled down by a couple of degrees. Cool enough for my sunglasses to start steaming up so they had to come off as well.
After Catterick, it was onwards to Scotton and past Vimmy Barracks where the Paras 10 race is held every year. (I'm considering of doing P company in boots and 35lb bergen again this year but I might TAB the 4.5 miles from home to the 10 mile event over the army training ground, do the race and hen TAB back home again at the end).
Now out of Scotton and onto the Bedale road for a short while before turning left and heading to Tunstall. Just at the start of Tunstasll there is a lane off to the left called Stripe lane which is an unclassified road that has very little traffic on it and is a pleasure to run on. I have never run on the full length of this road before so it was a pleasure to get away from the cars for a while. What made this such a lovely part of the run was the fact that in the open fields near Hornby there was a couple of large herds of dear grazing and in the distance I could even make out a herd of buffalo. (Now there's something you don't see everyday around these parts).
Have you ever tried buffalo meat by the way? I've never had the meat but I have had buffalo burgers on many occasion. Very spicy and if you cook them on the grill there is no fat what so ever coming out of them. (Ermmm, can't wait for the next farmers market to come to town).
After joining the road again at Hakforth (Had my first pint of beer in the Greyhound Inn when I was only thirteen. In fact I was very drunk by the time I came back out) it was a slight uphill drag to East Appleton before dropping down to the A1 flyover and into Catterick Village.
It would have been very nice to have stopped off at the chip shop on the way through the village but I settled for a couple of bites of Clifbar Shot Blocks and a drink of HIGH 5 ZERO berry flavoured electrolite.
Now I was running on the footpath alongside the main road toward Catterick Bridge and the traffic was slowly getting on my nerves but I just had to put up with it now and even got worse when I cleared Brompton on Swale as there was no footpath and some the drivers were very reluctant to even move a couple of inches, let alone a couple of feet.
By this time my legs were slowly getting the better of me and I was reduced to a few seconds walking every now and then just to get a breather and most of the hill into Richmond from ST Trinians was done at walking pace but I still managed to pick the pace up again once I got back onto the flat.
After Maison Dieu it was all down hill for well earned hot soak followed by scrambled egg and beans on toast.

To view a more detailed plan of the route and the split times go to my Garmin page

Follow this link Map My Run and click on the 3D button on the right side of the map to see a fly over video of the route

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